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SHH Shifter = New THR-Prize-Sponsor

Is there anything that pairs more perfectly with the nostalgia of vintage sim racing than a classic H-shifter?

Some weeks ago SHH published there newest product. THORN.
The THORN is the new SHH Shifter. Sixth evolution and fully renovated. A completely new shifter in the mechanical part (no need for sequential plate anymore!), shorter travel in SEQ mode, new electronics and new types of H plates available.

In a thrilling update from our last chat, SHH has upped the ante by offering not one, but two THORN shifters! The first of these gems will be up for grabs after the grand finale of our GTR Championship.

Here's the deal: racers who've revved their engines through at least 4 of the 6 adrenaline-pumping race weekends will find themselves in the raffle for this spectacular prize draw.

And for those speedsters who already boast a top-tier shifter or simply don't need a new addition to their racing rig, there's a chance to play the hero. By stepping back, you'll not only pass the baton but also boost the odds for your fellow competitors to clinch this covetable prize.

Many many thanks to SSH!

Learn more about SHH and their sponsorship for prizes at THR.

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