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The GTR 70s Casual Cup has found it´s Winners

The GTR 70 Casual Cup, hosted by THR, was a delightful event that stood out in the virtual racing world, not just for its competitive edge but more so for its emphasis on fun, camaraderie, and the sheer joy of racing. This championship was a haven for casual drivers, a space where the thrill of the race and the love for vintage cars took precedence over fierce competitiveness.

Spanning across some of the most iconic circuits in racing history—Fuji, Interlagos, VIR, Norisring, Silverstone, and Bathurst—each track brought its unique challenges and excitement to the series, testing the drivers' skills and adaptability. Yet, the overriding atmosphere remained one of enjoyment and friendly rivalry.

Torsten Behle, piloting the Porsche RSR 74, emerged as the embodiment of consistency and skill, clinching the top spot with an impressive tally of 197 points. Behle's performance was a masterclass in racing, securing victories in the first four races and demonstrating the spirit of the Casual Cup—racing hard while enjoying every moment on the track.

Falling Falcon, also behind the wheel of a Porsche RSR 74, provided some of the most memorable moments of the series. With a total of 176 points, Falcon's journey was marked by determination and a steady climb up the ranks, showcasing the essence of casual racing where every lap is about the thrill of the chase and the joy of the drive.

Luigi Bingo brought diversity to the podium with the Detomaso Pantera, amassing 155 points. Bingo's performance was a testament to the competitive yet friendly nature of the Cup, where drivers pushed each other to their limits, all in the spirit of good fun.

The championship also saw spirited performances from drivers like Jack Ihix, Hurr Durst, and others, each adding their unique flair to the races. Whether it was battling for positions, recovering from setbacks, or simply enjoying the ride, every participant contributed to the vibrant tapestry of the GTR 70 Casual Cup.

Notably, the Cup wasn't just about the frontrunners. Drivers like Beneharo Dorta Méndez, Torbjörn Bloom, and others, despite facing challenges like DNS (Did Not Start) entries, remained part of the heart and soul of the championship, embodying the casual racer's indomitable spirit.

Detailed Results from every Race Weekend can be found here:

The GTR 70 Casual Cup was more than a championship; it was a festival of vintage racing, where the beauty of classic cars and the passion for racing brought together a community. It highlighted that in the world of sim racing, the joy of participation, the excitement of the race, and the bonds formed on the virtual tracks are what truly matter. As the engines quiet down and the drivers reflect on their experiences, the GTR 70 Casual Cup stands as a testament to the enduring charm of casual racing and the timeless allure of battling for positions, not just for points, but for the love of the sport.

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