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Inaugural WSC Championship Race: A Thrilling Start with Prototype 2 Cars at Brands Hatch

The Brands Hatch Circuit was the battleground for the electrifying inaugural race of the WSC Championship, drawing fans and enthusiasts to witness the clash of the titans in the Prototype 2 class, featuring marvels like the Chevron B8 FVA, Nissan R380 II, and Porsche 906E. The legendary circuit, provided a fitting arena for the high-speed duel, encapsulating the essence of vintage racing with a modern twist.

From the starting grid, the air was thick with anticipation as 27 drivers, with the likes of Adam Keefe, Parrilla, FMG, and Valentin Knechtel, revved their engines, eyeing the coveted podium spots. The track, spanning 3.888 km, was set for a 60-minute showdown under clear skies, with a gentle breeze setting the stage for a race that would be etched in the annals of the WSC Championship.

The Podium Titans

Adam Keefe, displaying a masterclass in precision and control, surged past the competition to clinch the top spot. His performance was a blend of raw speed and tactical prowess, ensuring his name would be the first engraved in the WSC Championship legacy.

Parrilla followed closely, securing the second position with a drive that was nothing short of spectacular. His ability to navigate the twists and turns of the Brands Hatch Circuit, while keeping the pressure on Keefe, was a testament to his skill and determination.

FMG rounded out the top three, showcasing resilience and consistency. Despite the challenges, FMG's strategic maneuvers and adept handling of the vehicle ensured a place on the podium, highlighting the competitive spirit that defines the WSC Championship.

Valentin Knechtel, despite setting the fastest lap with a blistering time of 01:36.571, encountered challenges that tested his mettle, ultimately securing the fourth position. His performance, marked by moments of brilliance, set the stage for a thrilling rivalry in the races to come.

Looking Forward

The inaugural race of the WSC Championship at Brands Hatch was a thrilling opener that had everything from edge-of-your-seat overtakes to the heartbreak of mechanical failures. As the dust settles on the track, the focus shifts to the upcoming races, with fans and competitors alike eager for more high-speed action. The podium finishers have set a high bar, but in the world of racing, every new race is an opportunity for glory. The WSC Championship is poised to be a battleground for the fastest and the bravest, where legends are made and dreams are either realized or shattered in the blink of an eye.

Race Results
Top Cup:
Casual Cup:

Driver Championship

1Adam Keefe40

Team Championship

1Orgallied Racing59
2Ecurie Blue Arrows54
3TH Racing41

Complete Standings
Casual Cup:

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