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WSCP2 Championship Report: Thrills, Spills, and Ultimate Triumphs

The WSCP2 Championship has come to a thrilling conclusion within the THR Simracing community, showcasing intense competition, strategic masterstrokes, and dramatic shifts in the leaderboard. Here’s an in-depth analysis of the championship journey, detailing who led the standings, who surged forward, and how the final standings were determined.

Brands Hatch: The Kickoff

The championship kicked off at Brands Hatch, where Felix789 and FMG started strong, securing 30 and 34 points respectively. However, it was Valentin Knechtel who set the early pace with 31 points, closely following FMG. Nathaniel Stevenson also showed promise with a solid 29 points.

Sebring: Knechtel Takes Charge

At Sebring, Valentin Knechtel delivered a dominant performance, winning the race and securing the maximum 40 points, propelling him to the forefront of the standings. FMG, despite a less stellar performance at Sebring with 29 points, managed to stay in contention. Felix789 faced a setback with a score of 0, which allowed others to gain ground.

Thomson Road: FMG's Comeback

Thomson Road saw FMG making a significant comeback, earning 37 points, which allowed him to challenge Knechtel’s lead. Valentin Knechtel, with 29 points, managed to stay ahead but the gap was narrowing. Felix789 secured 34 points, keeping him in the race for the championship.

Feldbergring: Maintaining Momentum

Feldbergring was another solid race for Valentin Knechtel, earning 31 points. FMG continued to perform well with 37 points, keeping the pressure on Knechtel. Felix789 struggled slightly with 27 points, which began to dampen his championship aspirations.

Mont-Tremblant: Key Performances

At Mont-Tremblant, Knechtel's consistent performance continued with a third-place finish, adding 34 points to his tally. FMG scored 28 points, which helped him stay in the hunt. Felix789 had a strong showing with 37 points, showcasing his resilience and keeping his hopes alive.

Suzuka: The Final Showdown

Suzuka was the stage where the championship momentum swung dramatically. Valentin Knechtel finished in second place with 37 points, maintaining his consistency and adding crucial points to his tally. FMG, finishing third with 34 points, stayed close on his heels. Felix789, however, surged with a remarkable victory at Suzuka, earning the maximum 40 points and putting immense pressure on the top contenders.

Championship Conclusion

Valentin Knechtel emerged victorious, showcasing exceptional consistency and skill throughout the championship. Despite FMG’s relentless pursuit and Felix789’s late surges, Knechtel’s ability to secure points consistently across all tracks made the difference.

Final Standings:

  1. Valentin Knechtel - 173 points
  2. FMG - 171 points
  3. Felix789 - 168 points
  4. Nathaniel Stevenson - 150 points
  5. Stefano Bucci - 128 points

Notable Performances

  • Valentin Knechtel: Demonstrated unparalleled consistency and strategic racing, securing crucial points in every race.
  • FMG: Showed resilience and tactical brilliance, keeping the pressure on Knechtel till the very end.
  • Felix789: Despite a few setbacks, Felix789’s ability to win key races kept him in contention for the championship.
  • Sean D Campbell: Won all races he participated in, but missed 3 out of the 6 race weekends.


The WSCP2 Championship was a spectacle of high-octane racing, strategic depth, and dramatic turns. Each driver brought their unique strengths to the table, making every race a thrilling experience for the THR Simracing community. Congratulations to Valentin Knechtel on a well-deserved championship win and to all participants for an incredible season of racing.

The community eagerly awaits the next season, hoping for more excitement, rivalries, and unforgettable moments on the virtual tracks.

Team Championship

Team Championship Report: WSCP2 Highlights

The WSCP2 Team Championship concluded with Orgallied Racing clinching the title with 283 points, thanks to the exceptional performances of Valentin Knechtel and Flashor. Ecurie Blue Arrows followed closely with 261 points, showcasing strong teamwork from Nathaniel Stevenson and Florian Masse. Sauna Speedsters Racing Team secured third place with 229 points, driven by Kari Uotila and Mika Hakala. Notable mentions include Aggressive Snails and GPLRACER, who rounded out the top five with 210 and 180 points, respectively. Each team's dedication and skill made this season a thrilling experience for all.

Casual Cup

Besides the Top Cup THR also offered a Casual Cup which had a different focus, a more casual one.
But the participants also battled hard on track and had a lot of fun and a great experience.

In the End Axel won the Cup with 157 points over Emil Magnusson with 136.
Steve Hayward claimed the last Podium Position with 94 points.

Many Thanks

THR Orga sends out a huge Thank You to every participant and congratulates every Podium Finisher!

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