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This app offers:

- Rolling Start
- Pitlane Penalty
- Virtual Safety Car

To use it in our Oval Races, you have to download it from here:

After installation you have to enable it in AC/ContentManager.
check OSRW Race Admin

When you join a THR server, on which we use OSRW:

- ServerManager does a checksum test, in which the OSRW files get checked if they are installed and unchanged.
- the app is set to autoactive and it sends a broadcast message to the server

In game you can move the app to a location where it fits on your screen.

BUT PLEASE don´t change the values in the OSRW settings, cause the next checksum test will fail then.
Easist way to solve it, is to download and install the files again.

The speed limits are set to:

- Rolling start max speed > 150 km/h
- Virtual Safety Car max speed > 150 km/h
- Pitlane max speed > 80 km/h

The configured penalties can be seen at the end of this article.

When you get a penalty for speeding in rolling start, in pitlane or in virtual safety car situations, you receive a drive through penalty.

OSRW checks, if the penalty has been cleared by driving through the pitlane.

If drivers have not cleared the penalty, OSRW sends a message about the penalty right after the race into chat.

Means we can check server log, if we have to apply additional penalty seconds.

After the race it would be best to deactivate OSRW! Otherwise the pitlane speed limit could distract you in other races. 

In case you forgot to deactivate it and join a server with it, you can open the settings, disable the "App RA always ON" Button at the bottom and deactivate it via click on the OSRW app in the right App menu.

If you close AC with these setting, you have to install OSRW again, if we do another race with it.

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