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[THR] les 2.4 heures du Mans

Live Broadcast with Live Commentary


Information from before the weekend

On next weekend [THR] races a short "Endurance" Race 😉

We race the 24 hours of Le Mans in 2.4 hours.

In the following lines you can find the details.

driver swap

The race will offer the possibility to race as a Team, but it is also allowed to race Solo.
If you race as a team, you have to swap the drivers. Normally it makes sense to do this in the middle of the race.

How does the driver swap works?

At first:
Don´t forget to inform your teammate about the upcoming driver swap!

Driver 1:

  • Don´t stop in your own pitbox.
  • Don´t stop before the start/finish line.
  • Stop between the start/finish line.
    (We recommend to drive to the end of the pitlane and stop in front of the tall building.)
  • Hit ESC-button and leave the server via a mouseclick.

Driver 2:

  • At this moment a countdown starts to run, cause a driver swap pitstop has to last 3 minutes.
  • Your teammate can now join the server and gets a new car without damage.
  • When he gets into the car, he will be informed about the countdown and the time runs down.
  • Do not leave the pit before the counter has finished, to avoid a penalty.
  • Use the time, to switch to your setup.

When the counter does not show up, start the race and inform your teammate in team voice chat about it. He should give this information to Duderei or Pitman in #RaceChat.

How does it work for the Solo racers?
You don´t have to do a driver swap pitstop.
Just race your race, but keep in mind that there is a time penalty about 200 seconds which will be added in the results after the race.

Every other pitstop is a normal pitstop.

cars (made by Bazza)

Class 1:
Ferrari 330 P4
Ford GT40 MkIV
Lola T70 MK3

Class 2:
Corvette 1967
Porsche 906
Shelby Daytona

The cars are not balanced. So just choose which car you like do drive.

[THR] skinpack

If you want to race your own custom skin in the race, just post it in #mods-apps-tracks in Discord.

To see all the beautiful skins, download and install our skinpack:


Le Grand Circuit 1967

race weekend

Saturday > 2020-05-30 > 19 UTC > 2 hours Qualifying > track time 8am-8pm
Sunday > 2020-05-31 > 19 UTC > 2.4 hours Race > track time 1:30pm-1:30pm

Use the Qualifying to check if you are able to join the server with your car.
If you race as a team, only one member can be on the track.
When he leaves the server, the teammate can join.

Schedule for Saturday and Sunday:

There will be no restart. Start carefully!


You have to register your slot for this race:
Please do it on Saturday until 1 hour before the Qualifying, cause I have to put the Steam GUIDs into the choosen teamcars.

Registration Form

  • You can choose car and skin for the upcoming event.
  • You can mention your Teammate and Teamname.

The status of the booked slots will be shown on the RaceWeekend-Site:
ServerManager Site for the race at Le Mans


Qualifying and Race Server:
THR | 1 | Tarnhorn Racing | GPL67 MOD community

There are points assigned to each final position. These are just for a correct sorting of the results.

recommended apps


Our main communication channel is our Discord Server.
Please follow:

Or just click the button in the right menu.

There will be a voice chat channel for every participating team.

endurance race rules

Teleport to pits is only allowed if:

  • you stuck in a wall
  • you fall into the meshes
  • your car is broken completely and undrivable

In any other cases you should try to limp your car back to the pits.

Using the pitlane:

You can enter the pitlane a while before your own pit, you do not have to slow down for the whole pitlane.
Try to avoid trouble entering and exiting the pits.
Remember: For a driver swap, drive until the end of the pitlane as described above.

general rules

We try to race without them. The races over the past months show that [THR] racers know how to handle the car and how to deal with the oponents on track.

This includes:

  • You have to stay out of other racers racing line. Especially when you are slower.
  • When you are able to race on the same level then the other racers, then you have to give them space and try to avoid bumping them out of the way. Take care of the cars around you.
  • The racer who has made a mistake and tries to get back on track must always take care of the cars approaching to his position. An unsafe entry to the racing line must always be prevented.

Remember always:
If you want to finish first, you have to finish first!

Only rule so far:
Intentional and rude behavoiur will not be tolerated and lead to an complete server and discord ban.

Examples for rude behaviour:

If we realize that further rules are necessary, then we will implement them.

best wishes

We wish you a really good, intense and exciting race at Le Mans!