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[THR] “Modern” cars test races

When I founded THR, my idea was, to race the GPL Mod on a regular basis against other simracers.
THR has grown steadily since the start in December 2018.
We have raced a lot of different cars on a lot of different tracks and we had interesting and exhausting races.

One of the best parts of THR is, that we race against a familiar group or racers, that the drivers in the cars around are known…
Therefore we thought, that it may be a good idea, to offer more races to our community.

And on top of that, we thought that it may make sense to race more modern cars against each other.

On the two upcoming weekends we will have test races with some "modern" cars.
We will race three different races on both Sundays.
(10 Minutes Practice, 20 Minutes Qualifying, 20 Minutes Race) >>> with each car/Mod.

Unfortunately it is not possible to set this up as a championship in ServerManager.
That means that the usual registration form can not be used.

Alternatively we will have three different sessions and all racers have to rejoin after each session.
(It would help if you join voice chat…)
It is planned to add a booking mode session time before each car/mod-session, which allows to choose a car and a skin.
When every racers has chosen car and skin, we can jump to the practice session…

After the races, we hope to get some reactions from your site, on which cars you like, on which cars you want to race in THR.

Detailed information can be found here:

Best wishes [THR] pitman

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