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THR – Race Control

Before the GPL race in Mosport THR installed a Race Control group.
This group, which is formed by community members decides about the reported penalties.

The new workflow is like this.

  • Same as before the Indicents will be reported by the affected members via the form.
  • Afterwards the users can give their opinion.
  • The steward group will make a decision based on your opinions.
  • Penalties are created, based on the penalty catalog.
  • The steward group announces the penalties.
  • pitman modifies the championship standings.

From now on, every first lap of a race will be investigated by the Steward Group and, if necessary, Incident Reviews will be initiated.

In addition:
We all understand the Incident Review process as not yet complete. This means that useful changes can always be made to make the process complete at some point.

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