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Information about the upcoming races

In the next 4 weeks we race 4 different car packs on 3 different tracks.

Cars and Tracks

The links to the car downloads can be found here:

The links to the track downloads here:

Probably the easiest way is to grab the links from the server details page in Content Manager:


As mentioned several times, the Qualifying has beend moved from right before the Weekend races, to an open Qualifying which takes place on the weekdays.
ServerManager offers an option to start a 2 hour looping practice event, which stores your laptimes.
In preparation for the weekend's races, we combine the results of the individual sessions to form the starting order for Saturday's practice race and Sunday's official race….
(Side note: ServerManager saves the lap times. Stracker is not necessary for this.)

Which Server do we use for Qualifying?

The Qualifyings will run on our RACE server, which I have renamed to
THR | QUALI + RACE | THRacing | |
(Only the laptimes from this server count as Qualifying times!)

Where can you see, if your laptimes got recognized and stored?

After every 2 hour looped session the Qualifying results get stored.
You can check here, which times are stored for you:

The Session Type is labeled as Practice. That is ServerManager related and can´t be changed.
It may be possible that some session lap times are not saved. This can happen if the session crashes.
So it makes sense to check your times!

How to join Qualifying immediatley after registering for the championship?

To join the Qualifying, you have to register for the championship.
It is important to register via this link:
You must be on server THR | QUALI + RACE |. If so, then you can join the Qualifying immediately after registering.

Why is the session on Server THR | 1 | similar to Server THR | QUALI + RACE | ?

On Server THR | 1 | I have started a test session for the Mod/Track combination which gives you the opportunity to test different cars.
(Server 1 has to run 24/7, to start the STracker webpage. I hope that the current issues with STracker can be solved in the future.)

Qualifying Voice Chat

When you enter the Qualifying Server, it would be nice if you dial into the new #Qualifying + Race Voice Chat in Discord beforehand.
I could imagine that this would bring us a little closer together.
(Push to talk is mandatory.)


The weekend races will be held on this server:
THR | QUALI + RACE | THRacing | |

At the moment we are planning the following schedule:


  • First 30 Minute Race (Starting grid based on the weekday qualifying times)
  • Second 30 Minute (Starting grid based on the result from the first race)

This means that we have to leave and rejoin the server between the two races.
Every racer has to wait in CM until the server restarts and can then join the second race session.


  • Main Event over 60 Minutes (Starting grid based on the weekday qualifying times)

30 Minute Practice before the races

The races start at 21UTC. 30 minutes before we offer a practice session, to hop into the cars and get into the right mood. It is not necessary to leave and rejoin the server between the practice session and the race.

Race Voice Chat

During the races most of us join the "#Qualifying + Race Voice Chat" in Discord.
(Push to talk is mandatory.)

Sharing Setups

Another thing, what might be good, is that we share our setups more than we have in the past. That might help to find good setups for the new (unusual) cars we race in the next weeks.
If someone of you has a good setup, it can be shared in #setups
(Easiest way would be to use the share setup function in Content Manager.)

Important info

We are using the next four weeks to test a few things.
Our server manager has already caused me some headaches.

  • Until today it was not possible to join the qualifying server directly after registration. Fortunately I found a solution.
  • To make it easier for you to recognize the qualifying server, I have renamed server 5 - as described above. Unfortunately ServerManager can't access the old qualifying times across different servers.
    Therefore, those who had already run laps must now run them again on the qualifying server.
  • Don´t be too hard on us if anything doesn´t go right in the next few days/weeks.
    A lot of things are new for us and I have to change a lot of things in the background.

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