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WKDY Races – VRC Jordan 191 at Spa

This week’s weekday-race will be the Jordan 191 at Spa 88.
This week’s suggestion was made by Xoran a long time ago but it fits perfectly now.

The 25th August 2021 marks the 30th anniversary of Michael Schumacher’s F1 debut.
The Story around his F1 debut is a special one. Jordan was searching for a driver quickly since their original driver, Bertrand-Gachot, was sitting in jail after attacking a London taxi driver.
They choose Michael as he was a Mercedes junior driver and showed promising results.
Schumacher qualified on P7, in front of his experienced teammate.
What made this more special is that this was the first time he drove at Spa. But his race was short. His Jordan had a clutch failure and he retired the car in the first lap.

But that didn’t matter as other teams were already interested in the young German driver.
Thanks to a loophole in his contract, he was able to leave Jordan and switched to Benetton for the next race.
After this his career just got started.

Come join us, next week, for a fun race around Spa.

Promo Trailer made by Greg

• THR server 4
• Password: can be found in our Discord
• Server start: 19:40 UTC 25th August
• Qualifying: 20 Mins
• Race: 2 x 15 Mins

• Damage: 0%
• Tyre Wear: 100 %
• Fuel Use: 100 %

LiveStream from our wkdy races

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