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Audi 90 GTO championship at Laguna Seca – Race Weekend 1/6

We had an interesting start into a new championship...


Nat Stevenson

Detailed Race Results

Live stream from the race:

Quotes from our members race reports

it's me ! It was my 1st championship race here and had a lot of fun ! I wasn't sure also that it was the end, so I continued racing for one more lap


nice first race for me ! just the start a bit crazy


Nice finish Davidgrundström. I felt a bit guilty for how much time I cost you with four tires on 0% remaining life/grip.


congratulations guys for the podium .. despite my commitment I could not drive this car at my best and I could not have a good race .. I fought with someone but I don't know who it was ... it was fun anyway

Simone Porcu

Crazy pace by @margar17 once again, I saw him creeping up in my mirrors and decided it was best not to fight him as he's just an alien.


I did a pretty stupid mistake in T1 and just lost the rear. Gladly it seems no one else really suffered from that mistake. I was not locked in the pits. I just was last after T1, as I needed to let the whole field past. before I could rejoin the track.. This was one of the most entertaining races I had. Some great battles with lots of you guys!


Congrats to the winners and podium finishers of the race!

And many thanks to every participant. It was a pleasure to have you on track!
(There are some open incidents which might inflict the results afterwards.)

The detailed standings (including the given penalties) can be found here:

For more information about the Championship itself follow this link:
Audi 90 GTO Championship

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