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THRs TCL 60s championship is about to start

It´s time to announce our next championship.

On 2022-08-14 we will start the "THRs TCL 60s Championship 2".

Two years after its first season, the TCL60 championship returns to THR with 30-minute multiclass sprint races across 8 race weekends.

Detailed information about the championship can be found here:
Please read the information to find out, what is planned.

First track we race is Hockenheim Junior.
Server THR |1| is ready for testing the different cars.
Due to the fact that the track has only 28 pitboxes, I will make an pitbox upgrade an publish it in the next days.
But you can already start testing on THR 1.

If you want to receive notifications about the TCL60 championship, please self-assign the role "TCL 60s Championship" in #role-assignment in our Discord server.

On 2022-08-21 we start the second championship which will be held in the alternating weeks.
It is the anticipated F1 1991 championship and we will publish the information in the next days.

This weekend we will have another summer break event. The combination will be announced shortly.

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