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It´s time to experience it again!

Think back.

Think back 31 years.

Remember many exciting Sundays.
Engines that just sounded brutal.
Sparks that flew all over the tarmac.
Epic duels between drivers who fought for every inch.

Think back to the glory times of Senna, Berger, Alesi, Schumacher, Mansell, Patrese, Piquet and many more famous drivers.

Remember the cars, the iconic tracks.

It´s nice to remember it 31 years later...

But now it's time to experience it again!

After having raced many different Formula 1 seasons in THR, it's now time to battle it out with the 1991 season's cars. 31 years ago the above mentioned drivers took place in the cars. Now it is our turn.

The THR F1 1991 Championship starts on 2022-08-21

All the detailed information can be found here:

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