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F1 91 Championship at Spa Francorchamps – Race Weekend 4/8


Linus Jonsson

Qualifying Results
Detailed Race Results

Race Report

This weekend's race was the occasion to gather on the mythical track of Spa-Francorchamps, where 23 drivers took the start under a rare enough to mention, blue sky.

Only 2 drivers started with softs, including Linus Jonsson starting on pole position, while 10 drivers were on hards and 10 on mediums. So tyre choice and pit stop strategy would play an important role during this race.

As the cars rushed down the track, a slowdown at the raidillon caused a pile-up including several cars, while Linus Jonsson and Adamike99 were already opening up a gap.

Then, 8 minutes were sufficient for Adamike99 to overtake in the Combes section and take the lead of the grand-prix, which he will not give up until the finish line. The rest of the race showed that the choice of tyres was crucial, as softs and mediums quickly overheated on this challenging layout, forcing some drivers to pit earlier than expected.
6 drivers suffered from the difficulty of the track and had to retire before the end of the race.

On the finish line, the podium was shared between Adamike99, Linus Jonsson and Pitman while the best lap record went to Linus Jonsson.
Also worth mentioning are the performances of Steve Hayward and Tom Zeeuw, both gaining 13 places to finish 9th and 10th, as well as Technoluddite, who climbed 7 places to enter the top 5.

Live stream from the race

Quotes from our members race reports

I noticed the 2 stop was good in this race, but it failed me because I started on the softs

Linus Jonsson

Totaled the car in the fast left before the bus stop. Complete disaster of a race

Florian Masse

I can’t believe I managed to salvage 6th afer literally being airborne after raidillon


What a race. Pretty exhausting. […] My first podium since a longer time! Feels good


Congrats to the winners and podium finishers of the race!

And many thanks to every participant. It was a pleasure to have you on track!
(There are some open incidents which might inflict the results afterwards.)

The detailed standings (including the given penalties) can be found here:

For more information about the Championship itself follow this link:
F1 1991 Championship

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