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90s STOCK CAR Championship

THR hosts a STOCK CAR Championship, beginning on February 5th, 2023. Our drivers can expect an authentic and thrilling racing experience. The championship will feature the 90s Stock Car, updated by LilSki, and take place over six race weekends on some of the most iconic tracks of the era.

One of the most exciting storylines of the 1990 NASCAR season was the intense rivalry between Dale Earnhardt and Rusty Wallace. The two drivers engaged in a fierce battle for the championship, with Earnhardt ultimately coming out on top, winning his fourth NASCAR Cup Series championship.

As THR's NASCAR Championship revives the exciting moments of the 1990 NASCAR season, fans will have the opportunity to relive the intense rivalries and dramatic finishes.

With the updated 90s Stock Car by LilSki, the use of "Dynamic Restrictors App" and the iconic tracks, the championship will be a true throwback to the golden era of the NASCAR and will hopefully provide an authentic and realistic racing experience on the SuperSpeedways.

'Gentlemen, start your engines'

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