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Qualifying is over and we have a starting grid

The Qualifying for 3rd Endurance - 4 Hours Race at Deutschlandring has been closed.
These are the final results and also show the starting grid for today´s event!

In preparation of these event the participating drivers burned 5.505 laps into the asphalt of the Deutschlandring. Given that a lap measures exactly 10 km you circumvented the earth more than 1 1/4 times.

That´s stunning!

Same applies to the incredible laptimes!

It will be fun to watch while not being in the car.
Here are the links to the live broadcast.

Link to the English Live Broadcast of the THR 4-Hour-Race Deutschlandring:

Link to the German Live Broadcast of the THR 4-Stunden-Rennen:

Don´t forget to share the Live Streaming Links.

Thanks for participating in our 3rd Endurance Race!
We wish you an awesome experience a great race and a lot of fun!

Incredible thanks to:

  • Fat Alfie for this amazing track
  • Bazza and his Team for the awesome cars
  • Virtual Racing for hosting the streams
  • Microlin and his friend for commentating the english stream
  • Guido and Dennis for commentating the german stream

Last but not least I want to say thank you to our THR Orga Team. We exchanged more than 4.000 messages in our Orga Discord channel to set up and organize this event. We have not counted the invested hours, but I bet that we would be scared about. We hope everything works out as planned. Let´s have some fun!!!

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