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THR Cinematic 2 – Evgeny releases his newest masterpiece – based on THRs F1 1991 championship

We finally experienced it ourselves and Evgeny created an exceptional tribute about it!

The 1991 Formula 1 season took place 32 years ago.

Many of us followed every race back then, got up at night to see drivers like Alesi, Senna, Berger, Piquet, Mansell, Prost, Patrese and Schumacher.
Everyone was thrilled by the drama at the iconic circuits of Spa, Suzuka, Estoril, Montreal, Interlagos, Hockenheim and many more. We would have loved to get into the cockpit and race ourselves, but no one asked!

But in 2022, THR — a community of passionate fuelheads, gentleman drivers, SimRacing enthusiasts who love to race raw, vintage cars — announced the F1 1991 Championship.
And it was time to make up for what we had missed.
A chance to get into the cockpit and immerse ourselves in this amazing era of Formula 1.
The brutality of the cars, the screaming V10s and V12s, the sparks over the asphalt, the tension of the duels.
And THR gave us the opportunity to experience all that.
39 drivers started in the championship and battled each other in 8 races while trying to tame these powerful beasts.
Adamike became the Drivers' Champion, Jayden secured 2nd place and Potatohedron finished in 3rd place.

It was an incredible championship, which now receives an exceptional tribute with Evgeny's video.

It's absolutely fantastic what Evgeny has done with THR´s live video footage.

We are overwhelmed and proud of this cinematic monument!

Thanks to all participants of the championship!
Thanks to the THR Orga Team for making it happen.

And we want to express a special THANK YOU to Evgeny.

THR: Discord
F1 1991, BMW e30 Touring, Honda NSX
Tracks and championship info —
Tyler Bates — Fever Dream The Qemists — Stompbox War Thunder — Waltz of the Tornado The Koxx — A Fool Moon Night
Commentary by Murray Walker from Formula One 2000 (PS1)
CSP 0.179 preview5 | SOL 2.2.3 | Pure 0.165 | PPFilter C13 Camera Obscura

P.S.: In case you did not know it yet, or just want to see it again. Evgeny´s first Masterpiece:

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