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THR F1 1970 Championship: Crossing the Checkered Flag

Our THR 1970 Formula 1 season, was an electrifying battle for supremacy. Over 13 race weekends at diverse tracks, 64 drivers showcased their talents, earning points based on their race performances. This report takes a closer look at the thrilling F1 1970 Championship.

Diverse Race Tracks

The season featured a rich array of race circuits, from the high-speed straights of Monza to the tight corners of Monaco. Each venue posed unique challenges, ensuring a thrilling and unpredictable championship.

The Heroes of the Season

The championship standings were dominated by an impressive group of drivers, led by T Muttram. Muttram secured the title with an outstanding total of 402 points, showcasing consistent performances throughout the season.

Closely following was Florian Masse, finishing in second place with 386 points. Masse proved to be a fierce competitor, constantly challenging Muttram's supremacy.

Jake Feimster secured the third spot with 339 points, while Pete Bondurant clinched fourth place with 328 points. Carlo Pedersoli rounded out the top five, showcasing his skills with a total of 323 points.

Dramatic Moments

The 1970 season was not without its share of drama. Unpredictable factors, including difficult setup work, the necessity of gentle tire handling, race incidents and many more, added to the excitement and kept our drivers and fans on the edge of their seats.

Looking Ahead

The F1 1970 Championship will be remembered as one of the most thrilling and unforgettable seasons in THR history. It was a testament to the dedication, passion, and competitive spirit of the drivers who gave their all each week in pursuit of victory.

While we eagerly await the upcoming THR championships, we want to thank every driver who participated in the 1970 season. It was a great pleasure to share the track with you.

Provisional Standings

The result of the championship is still provisional - as the decisions of the Race Control are pending - but nothing will change in the podium positions.

First time THR champion

Cause Tim Muttram won a THR championship for the first time, we follow a cherished tradition, which means, that he will receive a product from our THR Shop.

@Tim > pitman will contact you in the next few days.

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