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Grand Prix Legends Championship VI

It was in 1998 when a Gentleman Gamer enthusiastically told me about his newly purchased race simulation.
I knew instantly that I had to buy Grand Prix Legends the next weekend.
It was so difficult but a blast.

I still have the box from December 1998.
And it's crazy to see the old huge manuals again. There was a booklet called "Four Wheel Drift" in the box. Nearly 100 pages with informations about the 67 Season, tips how to drive the cars and additional hints on the needed Hardware. Brilliant!

A few months later I met Duderei and we started to drive GPL online.
That was a revelation.

Then I started my first GPL league. We raced 2 seasons.
And I still have some of the fights in mind.

In 2018 Bazza and his team released GPL for AC and I decided to start a community to race the cars on a regular basis against well known drivers.
The rest is THR history.

GPL was released on 06.10.1998, which means that we celebrate it´s 25th anniversary today.

And we can´t think of a better day to reveal our next THR championship:

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