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5th Anniversary – Raffle – Who won 3DRAP´s MOD .312 steering wheel?

3DRap was so kind to offer THR a Mod 312 Wheel, which we raffled short after we finished our long (nearly 2 hours) and exhausting 5th Anniversary Race at Fuji.

(Eligible to participate in the raffle were all drivers who finished the 5th Anniversary Race and had already raced in at least 4 THR Main Events [Sunday-Races].)

Look who has won!

Many thanks to all drivers which participated in the anniversary race today. Also many thanks to all community members. You make THR as good as it is. A deep thank you goes also out to the THR Orga members, which help running THR in a stunning way! And last but not least, many thanks to 3DRAP for the opportunity to raffle this awesome wheel.

It's unbelievably great that we've been able to do an anniversary race for the fifth time.
Many thanks to everyone!

P.S.: We have to work on recording these raffle videos in an adequate way 😉 Better sound would be desirable. And I also need to prepare myself better. But it's not so easy to be completely in shape after an almost two-hour Grand Prix 😉

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