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What a start to the new THR Formula 1 World Championship.

The first race with the 1975 F1 cars took place on the historic 1972 Imola circuit.
22 drivers in 9 different cars went to the start.
Maddie Shepherd, Emil Andersson and margar started from the first 3 places.

The first cars got away well at the start, but a big accident occurred in the back field.

After that an exciting race developed.

Throughout the race, groups of cars fought against each other.
Imola is very fast and requires high concentration of the drivers.

As the race progressed, the lapped cars made made mostly a good job in letting the leaders pass.

At the end of lap 36 (about 6 minutes before the end of the race) Maddie Shepherd was in the lead ahead of Emil Anderson, margar17, pitman and Nat Stevenson.

And then the race got crazy.
Nat Stevenson had chased pitman for about 20 laps and closed the gap. Before it could come to a real duel, pitman made a small mistake and came little sidways out of the Rivazza curve. Nat took the chance and overtook pitman.

1 lap later, a car spun in the Aqua Minerale and Maddie had no chance to avoid the car. The accident damaged her car so much that she had to pit.

In addition, Emil also lost his place because his gearbox was broken due to two wrong shifts.

He also had to pit and Margar took the lead and Nat and pitman moved up to positions 2 and 3.

Then on lap 40 Nat made a small mistake, drove a little too fast into Acqua Minerale and spun.
pitman took the chance and got his position back.

2 laps later margar crossed the finish line first, followed 24 seconds later by pitman in 2nd place.
Nat secured 3rd place.

Live stream from the race:


Nat Stevenson

Detailed Results - Race 1

Congrats to the winners and podium finishers of the race!

And many thanks to every participant. It was a pleasure to have you on track!
(There are some open incidents which might inflict the results afterwards.)

The detailed standings (including the given penalties) can be found here:

For more information about the Championship itself follow this link:

Hey THR. We have some new car and track combinations for you.
Click on the below images to find detailed information about our upcoming races.

And of course it would be great if you click on the video above and subscribe to our Youtube channel.

Let´s have some great races!

DTM Festival Race

AC GT Legends Championship (6 weeks)

3 Formula 1 Cups - Combined into 1 Championship

Sorry for the short notice for this upcoming race, the THR vs VAC took most of our attention this last week.
We have a new combo for this Wednesday's race, the highest voted idea from the #wkdy-race-ideas channel in Discord was the Mercedes C9 at Dijon Prenois.
Keep those ideas coming, and we will likely be racing your dream combo sometime soon.

Last Sunday we raced the long awaited duel race against the VAC community.

27 drivers fought for the victory in this team competition.
We drove a 1 hour race at the Deutschlandring in the AC GTL Mod cars.

The race was very fair, there were hardly any accidents and it was clear to see that experienced sim racers were dueling here.

Many thanks to the VAC community for the great fight.
And of course many thanks to all THR drivers who participated in the race for us and ensured the victory with their super performance!

At the end THR managed to get a clear victory. Yay!

4 THR drivers in the first 4 places and a total of 10 THR drivers among the first 14 drivers saved the victory.
Emil showed an outstanding performance and finished the race with a clear victory.
Lukas, Valentin and margar followed on the next places and had a distance of less than one second to each other at the finish.

Directly after the race we were challenged by the guys from VAC for a rematch.
We gladly accept the invitation and we are always ready for upcoming duels.

Detailed Race Results

Live Broadcast from the versus race

We found some brave racers, which want to compete against VAC in the THR vs VAC race:

Adam Jäger
Andi Stangl
Emil Andersson
Greg Marrow
Rolf Biber
Stefan Roess
Tomas Novotny

We have some slots left for the race. If someone is interested to participate, please write me a PM.
Remember, we have been challenged. You should be able to master the car and the track

We will inform THR during the week about the rules, the progress and everything you need to know.

Follow this link to find detailed information!
THR versus ...

THR was founded in December 2018.
Since then we have had many exciting races, mostly on the weekends.

franglais and Greg had an idea for pickup races during the week.

We thought a while about it and now it´s the time to publish this idea!

Wednesday sees new races at THR, this time decided by you.

These will be run, just for fun, no points, just bragging rights.
To kick off the races we will be racing the Audi Quatro Sport at Bridgehampton
Races will be, a 20 minute qualifying session, and a 30 minute race, qualifying will start at 19:40 UTC.
A practice server will be running a for a week before the event on THR server 3, the race will also take place on server 3.
No need to register for the races, just turn up and race.
The race server will be password protected

If you have an idea for a fun event, write it in the #wkdy-race-ideas channel and post the ideas using the same format as the pinned post.
If you see an idea you like you can or that post. The best ideas will be put to a public poll, and the results of that poll, will be raced the following Wednesday.

Every information you need, can be found here:

Server THR | 1 | is up for testing. Server THR | QUALI + RACE | is up for you Qualifying times.

Saturday June 19, 2021
  • Race at Donington Park National, Donington, Great Britain ([THR] Formula 1 1979 at Donington Park [33 slots])

    Saturday June 19, 2021   21:30
    4 days from now

Sunday June 20, 2021
  • Race at Donington Park National, Donington, Great Britain ([THR] Formula 1 1979 at Donington Park [33 slots])

    Sunday June 20, 2021   21:30
    5 days from now

Thanks drivers!
That's phenomenal and more than I expected when I started THR.

Many thanks to all subscribers.

If you haven't subscribed yet, feel free to press the button 😉

According to our poll you have decided to race the Full Layout of Horsma Raceway.

Every information you need, can be found here:

Saturday June 19, 2021
  • Race at Donington Park National, Donington, Great Britain ([THR] Formula 1 1979 at Donington Park [33 slots])

    Saturday June 19, 2021   21:30
    4 days from now

Sunday June 20, 2021
  • Race at Donington Park National, Donington, Great Britain ([THR] Formula 1 1979 at Donington Park [33 slots])

    Sunday June 20, 2021   21:30
    5 days from now