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We have developed something to help you navigate the THR scheduling jungle.

Just follow this link to find all of our scheduled events and any useful information about them.

The THR schedule is intended to help all drivers, but also specifically to help THR newbies find what they are looking for.

As a side project I also revised the information in #infos-and-help and in #faq in our THR Discord.

The Monza Road Course came alive with the roaring sounds of the 3 litre engines as the highspeed circuit played host to a thrilling 60-minute race. With no rain in sight and a gentle breeze blowing at 11.0 kph, the stage was set for a battle of classic proportions. Here's a comprehensive breakdown of the race:

Qualifying and Starting Grid

In a qualifying session that saw precision and power collide, Lasse Albrecht in the Eagle T1G secured the pole position. He was closely followed by Nathaniel Stevenson in another Eagle T1G, and Jake Feimster in a Ferrari 312, rounding up the top three.

The Race Unfolds

As the race kicked off, Albrecht showed his dominance by swiftly maintaining his lead. Lap after lap, he skillfully navigated the 5.759 km track, facing challenges from behind but holding his ground.

The start of the Monza 1966 race was marked by unfortunate incidents that significantly impacted the positions of certain drivers. Nathaniel Stevenson encountered a challenging moment as he failed to shift into second gear promptly, causing a collision with Jayden HW. This mishap resulted in Jayden losing valuable positions early in the race, adding an extra layer of difficulty to his competition. Additionally, the chaotic opening moments saw Rolf Biber colliding with Frank Pitman, who was subsequently forced to plummet to the back of the field. Flashor got also involved in this crash and had to enter the pits after the first lap.

A pivotal moment occurred during the race when Florian Masse found himself at the center of a collision with Richard Rossier. Regrettably, Florian was deemed responsible for the incident, leading to significant damage to his Ferrari and ended his race after a promising start. Tragically, this incident had a domino effect, with Pete Bondurant unable to evade the wreckage, ultimately crashing into the destroyed Ferrari of Florian. In contrast, Richard Rossier managed to limp his damaged car into the pits for repairs, determined to salvage what he could from the race. Meanwhile, Pete Bondurant, despite his battered vehicle, displayed remarkable resilience, opting to continue the race despite the odds stacked against him.

The Thrilling Finish

In the end, it was Lasse Albrecht who claimed the checkered flag, his mastery of the Monza circuit evident in his commanding performance throughout the race. Nathaniel Stevenson and Tim Muttram showcased remarkable skill and determination, securing their positions on the podium amidst the intense competition.

Exceptional performances

As written some drivers lost time and positions after the chaos of the opening lap. But Flashor displayed remarkable resilience during the race, gaining 11 positions after being involved in a first-lap incident. In a heart-pounding culmination, Flashor also emerged victorious, setting the fastest lap of the race at an impressive 01:26.470. Frank Pitman's tenacity was on full display as he battled from 22nd position after the initial crash to an impressive 4th place, finishing just 1.1 seconds behind 3rd place. These drivers showcased exceptional skill and determination amidst the challenging race conditions.

Closing Thoughts

The Monza 1966 Road Course witnessed a race for the ages, where great cars and skilled drivers painted a picture of awesome racing. As the sun set over the iconic Italian track, the echoes of roaring engines and the cheers of the crowd resonated, encapsulating the essence of timeless racing spirit. The Monza circuit had once again proven why it stands as a legendary venue, where history and horsepower collide to create unforgettable moments on the asphalt.

The detailed standings (including the given penalties) can be found here:

For more information about the Championship itself follow this link:

You have already gotten the teaser, now the detailed information follows.


Follow this link to find the detailed information about our next Championship.

Now that GPL is rolling, it's time for a quick teaser of what we'll be racing on the alternate race weekends.

We will give you the details in the next couple days.

We have something new for you

So far we offer beside the Weekday Race on Wednesday the Practice Races on Saturday and the Main Races on Sunday.

Some of you have asked us if we can offer something in between that has a low entry barrier.

The Orga Team got together and started the LADA Learner Loop.
(Ok, the name probably could have been cooler 😉 )

The idea is that this is a 24/7 server on which the Lada 2101 and the Lada 2105 are waiting for you in the pit lane.
There will be a 10 minute qualifying session and a 20 minute race in a continuous loop.

The tracks will change weekly.

There will be no fixed race times. Instead we have created a new channel in Discord #lada-learner-loop where you can make appointments for races.
(You might do it via chat, or use doodle or Strawpoll.)

At the end of the week we can also reveal who has set the fastest lap time.

We'll keep track of whether you enjoy the format over the next few weeks.
Feel free to give us feedback on what we can change.

Oh, to not forget this: The servers are open to the public. Maybe this will attract one or the other vintage enthusiast 😉

Let´s have some fun!

It was in 1998 when a Gentleman Gamer enthusiastically told me about his newly purchased race simulation.
I knew instantly that I had to buy Grand Prix Legends the next weekend.
It was so difficult but a blast.

I still have the box from December 1998.
And it's crazy to see the old huge manuals again. There was a booklet called "Four Wheel Drift" in the box. Nearly 100 pages with informations about the 67 Season, tips how to drive the cars and additional hints on the needed Hardware. Brilliant!

A few months later I met Duderei and we started to drive GPL online.
That was a revelation.

Then I started my first GPL league. We raced 2 seasons.
And I still have some of the fights in mind.

In 2018 Bazza and his team released GPL for AC and I decided to start a community to race the cars on a regular basis against well known drivers.
The rest is THR history.

GPL was released on 06.10.1998, which means that we celebrate it´s 25th anniversary today.

And we can´t think of a better day to reveal our next THR championship:

Our THR 1970 Formula 1 season, was an electrifying battle for supremacy. Over 13 race weekends at diverse tracks, 64 drivers showcased their talents, earning points based on their race performances. This report takes a closer look at the thrilling F1 1970 Championship.

Diverse Race Tracks

The season featured a rich array of race circuits, from the high-speed straights of Monza to the tight corners of Monaco. Each venue posed unique challenges, ensuring a thrilling and unpredictable championship.

The Heroes of the Season

The championship standings were dominated by an impressive group of drivers, led by T Muttram. Muttram secured the title with an outstanding total of 402 points, showcasing consistent performances throughout the season.

Closely following was Florian Masse, finishing in second place with 386 points. Masse proved to be a fierce competitor, constantly challenging Muttram's supremacy.

Jake Feimster secured the third spot with 339 points, while Pete Bondurant clinched fourth place with 328 points. Carlo Pedersoli rounded out the top five, showcasing his skills with a total of 323 points.

Dramatic Moments

The 1970 season was not without its share of drama. Unpredictable factors, including difficult setup work, the necessity of gentle tire handling, race incidents and many more, added to the excitement and kept our drivers and fans on the edge of their seats.

Looking Ahead

The F1 1970 Championship will be remembered as one of the most thrilling and unforgettable seasons in THR history. It was a testament to the dedication, passion, and competitive spirit of the drivers who gave their all each week in pursuit of victory.

While we eagerly await the upcoming THR championships, we want to thank every driver who participated in the 1970 season. It was a great pleasure to share the track with you.

Provisional Standings

The result of the championship is still provisional - as the decisions of the Race Control are pending - but nothing will change in the podium positions.

First time THR champion

Cause Tim Muttram won a THR championship for the first time, we follow a cherished tradition, which means, that he will receive a product from our THR Shop.

@Tim > pitman will contact you in the next few days.

Additional Links

We finally experienced it ourselves and Evgeny created an exceptional tribute about it!

The 1991 Formula 1 season took place 32 years ago.

Many of us followed every race back then, got up at night to see drivers like Alesi, Senna, Berger, Piquet, Mansell, Prost, Patrese and Schumacher.
Everyone was thrilled by the drama at the iconic circuits of Spa, Suzuka, Estoril, Montreal, Interlagos, Hockenheim and many more. We would have loved to get into the cockpit and race ourselves, but no one asked!

But in 2022, THR — a community of passionate fuelheads, gentleman drivers, SimRacing enthusiasts who love to race raw, vintage cars — announced the F1 1991 Championship.
And it was time to make up for what we had missed.
A chance to get into the cockpit and immerse ourselves in this amazing era of Formula 1.
The brutality of the cars, the screaming V10s and V12s, the sparks over the asphalt, the tension of the duels.
And THR gave us the opportunity to experience all that.
39 drivers started in the championship and battled each other in 8 races while trying to tame these powerful beasts.
Adamike became the Drivers' Champion, Jayden secured 2nd place and Potatohedron finished in 3rd place.

It was an incredible championship, which now receives an exceptional tribute with Evgeny's video.

It's absolutely fantastic what Evgeny has done with THR´s live video footage.

We are overwhelmed and proud of this cinematic monument!

Thanks to all participants of the championship!
Thanks to the THR Orga Team for making it happen.

And we want to express a special THANK YOU to Evgeny.

THR: Discord
F1 1991, BMW e30 Touring, Honda NSX
Tracks and championship info —
Tyler Bates — Fever Dream The Qemists — Stompbox War Thunder — Waltz of the Tornado The Koxx — A Fool Moon Night
Commentary by Murray Walker from Formula One 2000 (PS1)
CSP 0.179 preview5 | SOL 2.2.3 | Pure 0.165 | PPFilter C13 Camera Obscura

P.S.: In case you did not know it yet, or just want to see it again. Evgeny´s first Masterpiece: