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F1 91 Championship at Estoril – Race Weekend 5/8


Jayden HW
Nik Likar

Qualifying Results
Detailed Race Results

Race Report

For this 5th race of the 1991 F1 season, we move to Portugal on the picturesque circuit of Estoril.

Inevitable since we started at Interlagos, Jayden HW qualified on pole, followed on the front row by pitman.
After a clean start, it’s Campbell MacDonald who launches himself the best, climbing from P18 to P14 in one lap. Lap 2, however, is more turbulent, as Florian Masse spin in Curva 3 and fall from P4 to P14, while Vanderspeed crashes at Parabolica Interior and Natan Veksler locks the brakes, making contact with Evgeny Morozov and Technoluddite at Orelha.

The first half of the race shows and incredible pace from Jayden HW, who create a comfortable 20sec gap with his follower, Nik Likar. At halftime, the pack is still grouped from 2nd to 9th place, before the pit stop routine. Indeed, the grid was divided between the choice of Hard and Medium tyres. However, the choice of Hard tyres did not seem to pay off as the race pace on these tyres collapsed earlier than expected.

Anyway, the battle went on until the finish line as Nik Likar and Adamike99 fought it out for 2nd position, while gilvil77 and Linus Jonsson chased Pete Bondurant for 5th. At the end of the race, Jayden HW, Nik Likar and Adamike99 complete the podium. Linus Jonsson takes the best lap in 1.14.8 and Tom Zeeuw makes an impressive recovery, finishing 8th, 13 position higher than his starting position.

Live stream from the race

Quotes from our members race reports

damn this was hardest race of this league so far at least for me


no stop wonder > lets go

Jayden HW

I wanted to no stop but the tires just died.


Congrats to the winners and podium finishers of the race!

And many thanks to every participant. It was a pleasure to have you on track!
(There are some open incidents which might inflict the results afterwards.)

The detailed standings (including the given penalties) can be found here:

For more information about the Championship itself follow this link:
F1 1991 Championship

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