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Eau Rouge - Do you fear it?

A short promo video about what we love and what we do in our [THR]-community.

Many thanks to Bo Stamper!

We have a youtube-channel now. 😉

Hi racers. I got a feedback regarding our booking system.
It was mentioned that it could be to complicated.

So I changed the system a little bit.

We offer Funraces on three days (Friday, Saturday and Sunday).
We start at 21 UTC each day and race as long as there are racers on the server. (As we did it successfully in the last weeks.)

These three options can be found in the booking system now.
Only these three options!

So please just choose your possible race days and show other community members, when you will be on track.

Thank you for your support!

P.S.: To clarify > It is not necessary to book a race day, to login to our server.
But I hope it becomes normal to show others, on which days the starting grid should be filled...